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Our Lab

The o.Lab is probably the first Operations Automation Lab in the world. If you are a business leader, the o.Lab gives you a platform to:

1- Evaluate for free hardware and software to automate your operations.

2- Be FAST! Run Operations Automation PoCs in record times.

3- Access experts at below-cost-rates during your testing.

APPLY for a date in the O.Lab to run your Operations Automation PoC

Operations Automation has always been complex and therefore projects are usually expensive and prone to fail. With the O.Lab we finally simplified Operations Automation. At the O.Lab, a growing number of experts from different technology companies will work together with you to integrate as many different software and hardware components as required to make your operations automation PoC successful.

VR - Virtual reality for Technician training

RPA - Robotic Process Automation for repetitive back-office tasks

CNC – Computerized Numerical Control Smart Mills

Voice Control for hands free operations

RFID - for shop floor automation and quality assurance


Wearables and AR - Augmented Reality for remote technician assistance

Robotics applied to manufacturing (e.g. Kuka virtual manufacturing room)

Biometrics and plant security

Mobile Workflow Management - Mobile applications and dispatching

Track & Trace via sensors including light, temperature, humidity, GPS + GSM, etc.

Security & Networks

Artificial intelligence applied to aftermarket processes (e.g. diagnosis)

Smart Forklift and intelligent warehouse management solutions

Data Security

Machine Learning applied to aftermarket processes (e.g. technicians assistant)

Touch screen solutions for warehousing

5G Network

Computer Vision applied to manufacturing processes (e.g. guided assembly and QA)

Voice Picking for warehouse

Cloud Operations

Laser Direct Parts marking

Industrial scanning for logistic operations and asset tracking

Data storage & product catalogues

3D printing (e.g. printing use cases) – several different appliances planned

Logistics label printing

Process Mining

Statistics & AI-driven forecasting

Spot Boston Dynamics or similar transport robot

New motion systems for intra-logistics

Industrial drones for unmanned transportation

Surveillance drones and innovative security systems

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