osapiens HUB for Sanction Lists Screening

Pre-assess your suppliers

Ensure that the suppliers you work with are not on any sanctions list and avoid being fined.

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Benefits of our solution


Leverage feature integration with other business partner solutions


Reduce supplier screening burden with automated checks

Up to date

Stay up to date as the lists are regularly checked and results updated

Highlights of our solution

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Supplier upload

Easily upload your suppliers

Upload your supplier information either as a bulk upload or connect the solution to your ERP system via an API. Depending on the configuration, any updates to your database are automatically reflected in the solution, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Sanction list screening

Ensure compliance with sanctions lists

Regularly check your suppliers against around 30 sanctions lists and screen new suppliers before doing business with them. Our solution is flexible and can be expanded as more lists become relevant to your business.

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Dashboard and notification

Stay up to date

Identify suppliers that appear on a list in your Supplier Dashboard. For more information, such as the specific list, draw on the detailed supplier information.

Risk management

Expand your supplier assessment

Sanctions lists are relevant to all companies and non-compliance can lead to fines. They cover only a small part of the relevant supply chain due diligence metrics. Use our supply chain due diligence solution to assess additional risks and comply with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

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