osapiens HUB

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The osapiens HUB is a cloud platform that offers various software solutions to help your organisation and value chain become more transparent, efficient and sustainable. The osapiens HUB provides you with solutions for the compliant implementation of (inter)national social and environmental regulations. It automates the required activities as much as possible, allowing you to succeed with the given resources you have and still make an impact on your material sustainability issues.

We provide solutions for

Business Partner Transparency

Gain corporate-level information on your supply chain and your own business

Regulations and consumer demand are driving the need for sustainability performance data at the corporate level. Our solutions enable you to comply with legislation on supply chain due diligence (e.g. for LkSG/ CSDDD) and whistleblower protection. With features such as supplier questionnaires, complaint management, certification upload and case management, you can also cover many other supply chain transparency use cases.

Business Partner Transparency

Product Transparency

Connect product and data flows in supply chains - at product, item or batch level

Prevent counterfeiting, meet increasing customer demand for information and comply with supply chain due diligence legislation with our product-level transparency solutions. Drawing on our experience across multiple industries, we provide track and trace solutions for food, technical industries, tobacco, construction, street furniture and more. Our software also enables customer engagement and loyalty and product authentication.

Product Transparency

Efficiency in Operations

Optimise processes and save costs by improving your operations

Use specialised software to manage your operations in the most effective way, to create smooth and fast processes, improve service quality and reduce costs. Our portfolio of solutions enables you to manage your assets using sensor data and to organise and plan (maintenance) services - both internally and for customer support. We also offer logistics solutions such as full service for market replenishment.

Operations Efficiency

Sustainability Reporting and Strategy

Consolidate all data for sustainability monitoring, management and reporting

All parts of an organisation and its supply chain need to be considered and involved in a sustainability strategy that is focused on business value and impact. In line with the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), our solution helps to define material topics based on impacts, risks and opportunities, to set targets and action plans, and to produce an auditable report. It consolidates all relevant data from other solutions in the osapiens HUB.

Sustainability Reporting and Strategy

osapiens HUB enhanced
with five engines

osapiens HUB is enhanced with five different engines to fit perfectly to your businesses needs. We continuously improve and support these engines with top-notch and modern practices. Learn more how our technology can improve your supply chain.

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