Product Transparency

Know your product, reduce risk and engage customers

Preventing counterfeiting, responding to the increasing demand for information such as origin, and meeting the need for greater due diligence in supply chains through our product level transparency.

Some of the companies that already rely on osapiens

Official Vion Food Group logo - osapiens.

Highlights of our solutions

Different levels of granularity

We provide solutions for product, batch or item level - you decide the  levels of granularity depending on our needs

Acceptance and relevance

We develop our solutions aligning requirements with the user community and in line with applicable regulations

End-to-end approach

We connect value chain partners, store the data, manage access rights and provide options to display information to consumers - all in one solution

Compatibility through standards

We draw on standards where to enable compatibility and allow communication between all stakeholder

Our solutions at a glance

osapiens HUB for Track & Trace

Building a foundation

Collect data on origin, content and other aspects of sustainability performance along the value chain and create the transparency you need to manage risk, comply with regulations, build resilient supply chains and provide answers to your consumers.

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osapiens HUB for Deforestation Regulation

Ensure your supply chain is free

Get clarity on origin of commodities and products prone to deforestation to ensure they are free and comply with requirements of EU directive.

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osapiens HUB for Authentication & Engagement

Tell the story

Give consumers new ways to learn about and interact with your products - from pre-purchase to post-purchase - and gain a competitive advantage in today's mobile-first, omnichannel world.

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osapiens HUB for CO2 Footprint (PCF)

Measure and manage

Gain transparency into the emissions caused by the production of your products as a first step in reducing your company's environmental impact.

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Customer voices

osapiens HUB for LKSG

Bartels-Langness Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (Bela) is one of the largest food retailers in Germany and is active as an owner-managed family business in several business areas throughout Germany. With over 10,000 employees and more than 15,000 suppliers, the German LkSG represents a major challenge. Therefore, it is particularly important for us to focus on good and resilient partnerships. The osapiens HUB is a state-of-the-art technology that helps us to automate many manual steps and to execute them fully integrated digitally.

Florian Behrens

CIO, Bartels-Langness

osapiens HUB for Track & Trace

osapiens with its osapiens HUB for Track & Trace has been helping us with TPD compliance from the conception down to the final implementation and ongoing support. Despite many technical and organisational challenges, we have managed to stay compliant and to deliver the expected quality of full & reporting to the European Union authorities.

Apostolos Couvaras

Senior Manager, Corporate Logistics Solution & Innovation, Lekkerland AG & Co. KG

osapiens HUB for Track & Trace

Mit osapiens ftrace haben wir einen Partner, um die Rückverfolgbarkeit von unseren Produkten in der vor- und nachgelagerten Lieferkette sicher zu stellen. Die transparenten Daten unterstützen uns bei der Verbesserung von Tierschutz und Nachhaltigkeit in der Produktions- und Lieferkette

Official Vion Food Group logo - osapiens.

Dr. Anne Hiller

Fachtierärztin für Fleischhygiene, Director Quality Assurance Germany

osapiens HUB for Track & Trace

osapiens ftrace bietet mir die Möglichkeit, meinen Geschäftspartnern die gewünschten Informationen zur Qualität und Herkunft der Produkte auf Knopfdruck zu liefern. Das erleichtert mir den Kommunikationsprozess und erhöht gleichzeitig die Konsumentensicherheit dank chargengenauen Informationen am POS

Official Lee Fish logo - osapiens.

Daniel Christen

Geschäftsführer Lee Fish Europe AG

osapiens HUB for Track & Trace

In the fight against product piracy, we are working to protect workshops and drivers from counterfeit products. The MAPP* initiative helps us do this with the clarification it provides.
**MAPP = Manufacturers against product piracy

Manfred Baden

President Automotive Aftermarket at Bosch

osapiens HUB for Track & Trace

Product and brand protection and hence the counterfeit protection of products is of the utmost importance for suppliers of branded spare parts. The MAPP code measures offer the greatest possible security in our product portfolio. The fact that major automotive suppliers have joined forces underscores the relevance of this initiative.

Peter Wagner

Vice President Independent Aftermarket at Continental

osapiens HUB for Engagement

We want to send a signal and thwart uncertainty in the market caused by product and brand piracy. We aim to nip any attempt to bring dubious products into circulation in the bud. That’s why the packaging of our products, in proven Schaeffler quality, has a security label.

Michael Söding

Chairman Automotive Aftermarket – Schaeffler AG

osapiens HUB for Engagement

osapiens helped us to redefine the way we engage with our end consumers and delivered a state-of-the-art application in time and on budget

Karim Choukair

Founder and CEO, Melvin & Hamilton

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