osapiens HUB for Deforestation Regulation

Safeguard biodiversity and be compliant

Get a one-in-all solution to prove that your products do not contribute to deforestation or forest degradation in line with the  EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). This is relevant for e.g. soy, beef, palm oil, wood, cocoa, coffee rubber and some of their derived products.

Benefits of our solutions

All-in-one solution

Have traceability data, risk assessment and statement generation in one solution

Easy and automated

Reduce effort with interfaces to existing databases and workflows


Our solution has been developed with specialist lawyers to ensure the highest level of compliance for you

Highlights of our solution

Farmer App

Share geolocation of farmland

Gather or provide batch-level data on origin of crops after harvesting via a mobile application for farmers. Flexibly add data beyond geolocation if wished for or requested (e.g. certification, compliance with certain production standards etc.).

Observatory Database

Map data and screen deforestation risk

Check data in sales process or at arrival of goods for risk of deforestation. Our solution maps the spatial data onto available risk maps (EU forestry observatory database once available) and flags the shipment according to the risk category. The regulation requires different level of diligence depending on risk category.

Risk assessment

Conduct in-depth risk assessment if needed

Automatically create a case for suppliers with high-risk shipments and use questionnaires and further risk assessment tools of the osapiens HUB to detail if the risk is material or not. If supplier can provide proof that his products are not connected to deforestation or degradation, flag is changed to green. If deforestation risk materialises, batch cannot be accepted

Due diligence statement

Prepare required statement

The EU requires that Due diligence statements are submitted from operators to confirm that the products are compliant. Our solution automatically generates the required form with country of production, geolocation of all plots of land, mass etc.

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