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osapiens HUB for EUDR

The automated solution to comply with the EU Deforestation Regulation, reduce deforestation and protect biodiversity

Unlock full compliance with the EU Deforestation Regulation using our software solution for EUDR. Ensure transparency, automate legal obligations and meet ESG targets.

Corporate Sustainability across Europe

With the ‘Green Deal’, the EU has launched a set of measures focused on respecting human rights and protecting the environment, with the aim of making sustainable corporate governance the European standard. At the heart of these measures is the creation of transparency by regulating the supply chains and value chains of European companies.

The EU Regulation on Deforestation-free Supply Chains (EUDR)

The EUDR took effect on 29 June 2023 and marks a significant milestone in global forest protection. It requires companies to fulfil various due diligence obligations to reduce global deforestation and protect pristine forests. 

Who is affected by the EUDR?

Non-SME operators and traders who place, make available or export the following seven commodities as well as their derived products on the EU market: soy, palm oil, wood, coffee, cocoa, cattle, and rubber.  Important to highlight are the derived products, which can include a variety of products and therefore have a massive effect on the scope of affected companies. 
Since all affected companies must be EUDR compliant by 30 December 2024, the preparation starts now.

06 December 2022:
EU agrees on the adaption of the EUDR in the Trilogue

30 December 2024:
Deadline for non-SMEs to comply with the EUDR





29 June 2023:
EUDR takes effect

30 June 2025:
Deadline for SMEs to comply with EUDR; EU submits impact assessment and possible extension proposal

Features of our solution

Before introducing products to the market or exporting them, it is crucial to gather, organize, and document data along with a comprehensive risk assessment. This assessment should include verifying geolocation data sources. Successful data collection requires robust technical support for both suppliers/farmers and operators/traders.
Our solution, the osapiens HUB for EUDR, is a holistic software with a complementary app for data collection, including geolocation. It enables focused tracking of shipment details and streamlines logistical processes with features like batch creation and aggregation.

Risk Analysis & Risk Management

AI-monitored risk assessment

The fully automated risk analysis relies on supplier data collection and employs AI methods to evaluate the risk of deforestation. A unified platform consolidates all gathered supplier data, including verified evidence such as certificates. Furthermore, it enables the initiation, documentation, and storage of risk mitigation efforts – all in one place.

API to EU Observatory

Global map of Forest Cover for year 2020

Access high resolution satellite imagery of the EU observatory on deforestation and forest degradation, to get to know the state of standing forest cover by 31 December 31, 2020. This information is necessary to determine if deforestation took place, as deforestation and forest degradation after the year 2020 are subject to the regulation.  

FREE Farmer App 

Easy and Simple Data Sharing

Farmers can effortlessly share their precise geolocation data after completing the harvesting process through this intuitive and convenient mobile application. Additionally, apart from polygon data, the supplier can seamlessly incorporate a variety of additional information with just a single click.

Due Diligence Statement

Automatic Generation of Due Diligence Statements

The EU mandates the submission of due diligence statements to verify product compliance. Our solution facilitates the automatic generation of these statements, ensuring all pertinent information, such as the country of production, geolocation of all land plots, mass, and other relevant details is included.

Case Management

Full-fledged case management system for better case resolution

The system facilitates case creation with individual risk assessment, enables priority and status setting, allows linking of risk categories, manages user roles, incorporates SLAs/processing periods and supports adding notes. Additionally, it provides document uploads to cases, links complaints and messages, and automates workflows for risk mitigation and measure assignment. Cases can also be used to document both preventive and reactive measures. 

Technical Integration Capability

Implement supplier data via Plug&Play

The osapiens solution for EUDR leverages the iPaaS/DataHub engine of the underlying platform. This engine facilitates seamless, flexible, and scalable integration with external customer or third-party systems. Our REST API and certified SAP connector ensure a seamless integration and provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience, catering to customers who run their core business processes on our platform.

Benefits of our solution

The catalogue of obligations under the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) is extensive and requires the collection, processing and preparation of enormous amounts of data. Our solution, the osapiens HUB for EUDR, offers a digital, transparent, fast and secure implementation of all due diligence obligations.

End-to-end Compliance

Our solution has been developed with specialist lawyers to ensure the highest level of compliance for you.

Automated workflows

Our solution simplifies complex tasks with automated workflows to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Structured processes

Our solution guides you step-by-step through the processes required to meet the due diligence obligations of the EUDR.

Quick start

Easily connect existing supplier data and use ready-made configurations and templates to get started in no time.

Fits all company sizes

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 suppliers, our solution meets the needs and is adaptable to companies of all sizes.

Holistic ESG approach

Leverage information from different osapiens HUB solutions and use it to comply with other ESG regulations.

Establish seamless EUDR compliance with osapiens HUB for EUDR.

Transparent logistics, automated legal obligations and an all-in-one solution for all affected parties to reduce complexity.

Trusted by hundreds of companies from all industries

Download our EUDR whitepaper

Unlock full compliance with the EU Deforestation Regulation using our software solution for EUDR. Ensure transparency, automate legal obligations and meet ESG targets.

The osapiens mission

We help companies grow with corporate sustainability. With our unique software solutions, we are revolutionising supply chains to help companies not only achieve economic success, but also make human rights and environmentally sustainable and responsible business practices the global standard. We are committed to laying the foundations for an ESG-compliant future.













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