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Reduce energy, waste and emissions with 360° Field Service Excellence

All-in-one service management software to maximise resource efficiency in the office and field, while improving overall customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of our solution

Gain insights into field operations

Track technicians and work progress, so you can respond quickly to issues as they arise and make informed decisions.

Improve first-time fix rates

Provide technicians with the information and tools they need to avoid repeat visits and fix problems the first time.

Deliver projects on time

Increase customer satisfaction by delivering projects on time and exactly as requested.

Keep track of all tasks

To increase your overall frontline productivity, our mobile app allows technicians to easily navigate through tasks.

Resolve issues faster

Connect dispatchers, technicians, and customers to improve the flow of information and simplify service order fullfillment.

Save time and money

Automated planning, scheduling and invoicing of service orders helps reduce operating costs and labour requirements.

Highlights of our solution

Vector example screenshots of service portal - osapiens.

Customer Self Service Portal

Request and track service orders online

Whether you want to create new tickets, track existing ones, or manage your quotes, contracts and invoices, our self-service portal has you covered. Need fast support? No problem, our service chatbot is ready to help.

Asset Browser

Complete asset control and visibility

Our asset browser not only shows the location of equipment at a functional site, but also provides a detailed service history of all past and present work orders associated with each asset. Once a customer's asset has been added, you can monitor performance, identify potential problems and take proactive action before they escalate into costly outages.

Vector example screenshots of service portal - osapiens.
Vector example screenshots of service portal - osapiens.

Planning & Scheduling Cockpit

Efficient use of resources

Say goodbye to missed appointments and the pain of complex scheduling scenarios. From finding the right technician to optimising schedules and routes, our Planning & Scheduling Cockpit helps your dispatchers make smarter decisions from service order creation to mobile execution.

Mobile Application

Share knowledge with technicians

With our mobile app, technicians can efficiently manage service jobs on the go, with real-time access to job details, inventory, customer information and task instructions. They can also quickly get remote support and access to resolve issues faster and avoid costly delays.

Vector example smartphone screenshot of osapiens service - osapiens.

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