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Quality management, regulations and customer requirements increase the need for valid product data. Use a standards-based solution to communicate and receive information to increase transparency in the supply chain. Whether you produce or sell food - we can help!

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Benefits of our solutions

Efficient, complete data availability

Obtain data on products in your supply chain and the origin of a batch

Crisis response capability

Assess whether your supply chain is affected by specific incidents and make informed decisions

Customer trust and loyalty

Communicate data to B2B or B2C customers to prove quality and meet increased demand for product data

10+ years of experience in food traceability

Get a tool based on more than 10 years of experience in the efficient exchange of product data at batch level in retail and food industry. GS1 standards are at the heart of the solution and co-developing the solution with companies is part of our DNA. Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio from meat and fish traceability to vegetables, dairy, eggs, mixed products and more. Before joining the osapiens group, ftrace was be operated as subsiduary of GS1 Germany from 2012 to 2023.













Data Transfer

Share and collect high quality data efficiently

Save time in providing or collecting value chain data by relying on data transfer in a standardised form - either automated via API or using mass upload or a webpage. Collected data attributes are validated and developed with industry stakeholders to ensure compliance and acceptance. Data quality is verified by the system to ensure a good basis for further use.

Analysis of traceability data

Gain relevant insights into your value chain

Review and analyse data through dashboards and reports. At a glance, you can see the entire supply chain for a particular product batch, check the quality and completeness of the data, and run real-time queries to see, for example, if certain partners were involved in production. This enables you to respond quickly to quality or compliance issues.

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Customer engagement

Tell the stories behind your products

Allow your customers to access information such as origin, processing, social and environmental issues and certifications with any standard smartphone. This can be done by scanning the QR code printed on the product or by displaying the information on a display at the fresh counter or for self-service products.

Data access rights and security

Your data is safe

Ensure that the data shared in the system is only accessed by the stakeholders it is intended to reach. Our advanced rights management allows you to specify who can access the data. The data is stored in data centres in Europe, where the strict data privacy of EU apply.

Full service package

Get the support you need

Get support from our experienced team. We provide supplier training and technical support to integrate an automated data exchange interface. We offer full service packages for companies that require information from their suppliers or for suppliers that want to exchange information with limited effort.

Highlights of our solution

What our customers say

Mit ftrace haben wir einen Partner, um die Rückverfolgbarkeit von unseren Produkten in der vor- und nachgelagerten Lieferkette sicher zu stellen. Die transparenten Daten unterstützen uns bei der Verbesserung von Tierschutz und Nachhaltigkeit in der Produktions- und Lieferkette

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Dr. Anne Hiller

Fachtierärztin für Fleischhygiene, Director Quality Assurance Germany

ftrace bietet mir die Möglichkeit, meinen Geschäftspartnern die gewünschten Informationen zur Qualität und Herkunft der Produkte auf Knopfdruck zu liefern. Das erleichtert mir den Kommunikationsprozess und erhöht gleichzeitig die Konsumentensicherheit dank chargengenauen Informationen am POS

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Daniel Christen

Geschäftsführer Lee Fish Europe AG

Case Studies

Case Study


EDEKA: Rückverfolgbarkeit an der Frischetheke

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Over 1000 customers trust us

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