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Start today by serialising your road signs and street furniture and advance your digitalisation. Use our software to gain transparency, track your assets, know what needs to be replaced and document the safety inspections required by law.

Some of the companies that already rely on osapiens

Benefits of our solutions

Benefit from standards

Use a standardised solution developed  together with the German Güteschutz-gemeinschaft Verkehrszeichen und Verkehrseinrichtungen e.V.

Fast and simple inventory

Quickly digitise new and existing road signs by applying a serialised code and using our mobile app

Efficient control

Automate legally required inspections with our mobile app and ensure you always have up-to-date, complete digital data

Easy asset management

Display marketing and promotional informGain transparency about the location and condition of your assets, as well as an overview of required inspections and renewals with our portalation

No running costs

Ask your road sign supplier for signs that include the osapiens Municipal Inventory Management Solution and use it without annual fees.

How Track & Trace of road signs work

Highlights of our solution

Stocktaking made easy

Easily inventory your stock

Use GIAI codes to serialise signs and our mobile app to input relevant details of your traffic sign such as StVO number, dimensions and reflectivity class. Your location and municipality are automatically assigned and all the sign's data is immediately stored in the KIV database.

Installation of new road signs

Capture new signs fast

New signs will already marked with serialised SGTIN codes so that the app can be directly used. Status update and other information will be saved with its location, municipality and all the master data already contained in the code.

Control of road signs

Conduct efficient traffic checks

Our mobile app also helps you check road signs. Simply scan the code, set the status to "checked", "destroyed", "to be removed", set a re-submission date if required or add photos and you have digitally documented your traffic inspection.

Road sign management

Use the powerful Track & Trace portal

The data from all signs recorded with the mobile app can be viewed in the Track & Trace portal. The portal provides you with a map and list view of all the road signs in your municipality. View the details of each sign, filter by signs that need to be checked soon, replaced or destroyed, and create various reports. Easily manage your traffic signs digitally.

Get started with your next road sign order

Start digitising today

For your next purchase of traffic signs and street furniture, draw on the offering of sign manufacturers that have integrated the use of osapiens Municipal Inventory Management in their product portfolio. Contact us to get a list of potential providers.

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