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Osapiens 1D+ enables anti-counterfeiting, product traceability and mobile access to data based on standardised marking of items and packaging with a unique code.

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Benefits of our solutions

Highlight your brand's value

Make your products smart by creating a digital twin and providing information

Protect your brands from counterfeiting

Mark your products with a unique code  usable for authenticity check

Offer a wide range of mobile services

Provide targeted services, such as bonus point collection or maintenance information

Increase revenue by mo-bile marketing campaigns

Display marketing and promotional information

Provide item-specific information

Display item-specific information related to maintenance, callbacks etc.

Understand your flow of goods

Track your products and create multiple reports based on the scans, all recorded in the system

15+ years of experience in product authentication & traceability

Get a tool built on more than 15 years of experience helping the technology industry efficiently deliver product authentication and item-level data.  From 2008 to 2022, 1D+ was operated by oneIDentity+ GmbH as a subsidiary of TecAlliance GmbH. Starting solutions specifically for the automotive aftermarket, our portfolio now meets the needs of all technical sectors, such as railways, mechanical engineering, etc., going far beyond authentication.

Highlights of our solution

Product Authentication

Verify the originality of your product

Serialise your products by adding a unique code to each item or package to enable product authentication. This free authentication can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime, whether they are an end user, mechanic or service technician. Just scan the code to find out the current status.

Marketing information

Run mobile marketing campaigns

Easily define promotional information such as text, images and links to websites, documents or videos, and specify a specific product, region or time. This information is then presented to your customers along with the authentication result.

Product, repair and maintenance information

View product details and installation instructions

Provide your customers product information beyond authentication, e.g., item-specific details and repair and maintenance information with a simple scan.

Traceability and evaluations

Track your products, detect grey markets

Track your products and see what has been scanned where, by drawing on the data of scans of your products that are stored in a backend. Access the data In a portal and create various reports - for example, see frequently scanned products or compare the country of scan with the country of destination to detect grey markets.

Customer engagement

Offer promotions and bonus points

Show your customers promotions, provide bonus points or conduct other engagement activities leveraging the serialised code. The unique code on the product ensures that these bonus points can only be collected once for that specific item. Integration with existing loyalty systems is possible.

Item level alerts

Manage callbacks, alerts and fakes

Manage alerts and recalls using the unique code. In the portal you can flag specific items or batches. When these are scanned, an orange or red warning light and a specific message can be displayed with details of the alert or recall. Similarly, you can flag specific products as counterfeit.

What our customers say

In the fight against product piracy, we are working to protect workshops and drivers from counterfeit products. The MAPP* initiative helps us do this with the clarification it provides.
**MAPP = Manufacturers against product piracy

Manfred Baden

President Automotive Aftermarket at Bosch

Product and brand protection and hence the counterfeit protection of products is of the utmost importance for suppliers of branded spare parts. The MAPP code measures offer the greatest possible security in our product portfolio. The fact that major automotive suppliers have joined forces underscores the relevance of this initiative.

Peter Wagner

Vice President Independent Aftermarket at Continental

“We want to send a signal and thwart uncertainty in the market caused by product and brand piracy. We aim to nip any attempt to bring dubious products into circulation in the bud. That’s why the packaging of our products, in proven Schaeffler quality, has a security label.

Michael Söding

Chairman Automotive Aftermarket – Schaeffler AG

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