Sustainability Reporting and Strategy Solution

Built in partnership KPMG – Leverage our automation tools with auditors experience

Many companies need to develop a sustainability strategy and report on those topics to comply with the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Our solution supports you with it - from materiality assessment to target setting to ESG disclosure.

Benefits of our solution

Audit ready

Benefit from the experience of KPMG, our partner in the development of the solution.

Integrated with other solutions

Leverage data already collected and assessed in other business partner solutions (e.g. LkSG) and business areas

Easy and compehensive

Step through the complex requirements of CSRD

Highlights of our solution

Dual materiality assessment

Define relevant sustainability topics

Assess the financial effect (risks and opportunities) on the business and the impact on people and assets (ROI). Draw on a repository of ROI and be sure to lay the foundation for your strategy and report that will pass an audit.

Data collection

Consolidate data from across the organisation

ESG reporting requires information from different departments, be it human resources, procurement or operations. Our solution can be linked to other internal databases to minimise the amount of additional data entry, and supply chain data from, for example, the LkSG solution can be incorporated  for the 'workers in the value chain' topic.

Strategy development

Set a strategy - drive your business

The general requirements of the CSRD call for a strategy with actions and targets to address the topics identified as material. Our solution can help you with this by providing useful resources and guidance.


Be audit ready

If you disclose your sustainability information under the CSRD, it will need to be audited with limited assurance initially and reasonable assurance in the future. Our solution has been developed in partnership with KPMG to ensure that your information is documented and reported in line with the requirements of audit firms.

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