osapiens HUB for LkSG/CSDDD

Full compliance with the German ‘Lieferketten­gesetz’

Safeguard human rights and protect your supply chain from potential disruption or uncertainty with our legally compliant and automated solution for easy implementation of the ‘Lieferkettengesetz’ (German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act).

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Benefits of our solution

Approved by legal experts

Our solution has been developed with specialist lawyers to ensure the highest level of compliance for you.

Fully automated workflows

Simplify complex and manual tasks with automated workflows to increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy

No more manual setups

Leverage existing supplier data by synchronising available supplier information with your deployed systems

Compliance for every business unit

Domain-specific setup allows you to collect, store, and manage data independently for each business unit

Advanced customisation

Use proven and ready-made configurations, or make customizations to tailor features to your specific needs.

Out-of-the-box templates

Use proven, out-of-the-box configurations or create customisations to tailor features to your specific needs

Free LkSG whitepaper

Discover valuable insights and benchmark your company against more than 450 large German companies in our LkSG Whitepaper that is based on our survey, which was conducted in collaboration with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

What our customers say


Bartels-Langness Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (Bela) is one of the largest food retailers in Germany . With more than 15,000 suppliers, the German LkSG represents a major challenge. It is particularly important for us to focus on good and resilient partnerships. The osapiens HUB is a state of the art technology that helps us to automate many manual steps and to execute them fully integrated digitally.


Florian Behrens

CIO, Bartels-Langness

Highlights of our solution

Vector example screenshot of risk analysis - osapiens.

Risk Analysis & Risk Management

Quickly assess supplier risk with AI

Our solution fully automates initial and annual risk analysis. Based on country- and industry-specific supplier information and AI, a risk score is created for each supplier. Suppliers are categorised into specific risk groups, allowing you to focus on the relevant suppliers and manage them more efficiently. You can configure your own rules for calculating the risk rating.

Self-Assessment Forms

Add first-hand information to supplier profiles

Efficiently conduct ad hoc risk analysis by automatically sending, monitoring and evaluating questionnaires. Choose from one of our compliant questionnaire templates or create your own. Suppliers can then access the questionnaires in our survey centre to easily answer questions, share relevant information and upload certificates for free.

Vector example screenshot of self assessment - osapiens.
Vector example screenshot of supplier screening - osapiens.

Supplier Screening

Unlock 360° supplier information

Get a holistic view of all information about your suppliers, far beyond the requirements of the LkSG. With integrated external data sources, you can run sanctions checks and use AI to screen news to stay on top of potential risks and changes in your supplier landscape.

Discover Sanction list solution

Whistleblower Management

Comply with two laws at once

Our solution enables you to comply with two different legal requirements: the EU Whistleblower Directive and the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. The complaint management system allows whistleblowers, potential victims of human rights abuses or NGO representatives to create and track cases - either anonymously, with a pseudonym or with personal identification.

Discover Whistleblower protection solution
Vector example screenshot of whistleblower directive - osapiens.
Vector example screenshot of action flow builder - osapiens.

Preventive & corrective actions

Automate your workflows

By setting up triggers, conditions, actions and timers, you can automate your workflows to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and increase overall productivity. You can easily start with our out-of-the-box templates and build your own company-specific workflows over time.

Reporting, KPIs & Dashboards

Get tailored information

Specific dashboards and KPIs enable you to identify trends, patterns and vulnerabilities in sustainability, procurement and supply chain activities. You can also automatically generate compliant reports in line with BAFA requirements to demonstrate the effectiveness of your risk management strategies and actions in securing your supply chain.

Vector example screenshot of LkSG Reporting solution - osapiens.
Vector example screenshot of the osapiens iPaaS and Datahub engine plug and play feature - osapiens.

Technical Integration

Implement supplier data via Plug&Play

The osapiens HUB-iPaaS engine allows you to easily connect your existing customer systems (e.g. ERP, WMS, SCM, SRM, BW) to our solution and import all your suppliers with one click.

Over 1000 customers trust us

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osapiens LkSG Praxistag 2023 - Julia Oerther Interview

Interview with Julia Oerther, Project Manager Purchasing at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, at the osapiens LkSG Praxistag 2023 event. We ask Mrs. Oerther about her choice of working with osapiens and the impact of osapiens HUB - supplier os as their primary LkSG solution for their business.


osapiens LkSG Netzwerktag 2022

Interview mit Reinhard Junker, stv. Leiter Stabsstelle 'Nachhaltige Lieferketten', Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ), zum LkSG anlässlich des osapiens LkSG Netzwerktages im September 2022.


osapiens LkSG Praxistag 2023 - Jens-Patrick Schulz Interview

Interview with Jens-Patrick Schulz, Lead Prospitalia Senior Consulting, at the osapiens LkSG Praxistag 2023 event. We ask Mr. Schulz about his experience of working with osapiens and using osapiens HUB - supplier os as their primary LkSG solution.


osapiens LkSG Netzwerktag 2022

Interview mit Lothar Harings, Rechtsanwalt & Partner der renommierten Wirtschaftskanzlei Graf von Westphalen, zum LkSG anlässlich des osapiens Netzwerktages 2022.







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